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Dr. Max Aebi - Direttore della Programma di Formazione della Chirugia Vertebrale

Born in Bern, Switzerland, Aebi attended the University of Bern, receiving a Federal Diploma of Physician in 1975 and PhD in 1987. His postgraduate training consisted of general surgery from 1976-1981, orthopaedic surgery from 1981-1983, microsurgery from 1978-1983 and Fellowship in 1984. 

Aebi has won numerous academic and research awards, including first prize of the German/Austrian/Swiss Trauma Surgery Society for the best scientific presentation in 1983, the McNab/LaRocca Fellowship Award (ISSLS) in 1995, the SGO Marathon Award in 2003 plus many more. He has authored and co-authored over 200 papers and peer reviewed publications, and has been guest lecturer and speaker at McGill University in Canada; St Luke's Hospital, Columbia University, New York; Peking University, China; University of Kuwait; University of London, UK; and many more. 

Professor Aebi has performed over 6,000 surgical procedures evenly distributed in general orthopaedic surgery and traumatology and has also performed approximately the same number of procedures in spinal surgery. 

Past president of the Spine Society Europe (2005), Aebi has membership to over 20 Associations and Societies, including the European Spine Society, Swiss Society of Surgery, Orthopaedic Research Society (USA), Cervical Spine Reseach Society, European Spinal Deformity Society and the International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine. He is the editor-in-chief of the European Spine Journal, and has edited many books, such as Revision Spine Surgery, Haemostasis in Spine Surgery, Spinal Disorders: Fundamentals of Diagnosis and Treatment, Manual of Internal Fixation of the Spine. 

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